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Heightened Nutritional Therapy, llc

“Optimize Function,

Achieve Wellness”

Laura Conley, FNTP, BA, IBD


Rediscover what it is like to carry less weight, less inflammation, less discomfort! Live your life with better sleep, a better mood, and enhanced immune function! $229 per person. Discounts available!

Contact HNT to sign up! 831.247.7061

Online group sessions and local, in-person session options available!

What is Functional Nutritional Therapy?

Functional Nutritional Therapy utilizes a whole-food approach to health and healing. If we want our body to heal and perform at its optimum, we must provide it with the proper foundational nutrition. How we choose to fuel our cells makes all the difference in how we heal and feel. And pain, though common, is not normal. Pain, both physical and emotional, is how our body tells us we need help.

In addition to proper nutrition, optimized blood flow is key. Once we are fueling ourselves to meet the nutritional needs of our body, we have to ensure we are delivering those nutrients to every one of our trillions of cells. Nearly 75% of our body is not receiving optimal blood flow. This leads to a downward cascade of poor health. Heightened Nutritional Therapy, LLC supports optimized blood flow by incorporating bio-electromagnetic (electroceutical) vasomotion technology. It is with this technology that pain is decreased, energy is increased, thinking becomes clearer, and deeper sleep returns!

Curious to experience this technology? Contact for a free session!*

*$50 value, local interested parties

** Interested in a session but don’t live locally? Call HNT for a contact near you! 831.247.7061

Personalized Wellness

Where do you start on your healing journey?

In these times of social distancing, I am offering an introductory protocol for $160. With this offer, you will fill out an extensive online questionnaire that will provide information on where you should begin to focus your health and healing. Included are a 30-60 minute discovery call, and a 30-60 minute web (or phone) call where we will discuss the findings, as well as a symptom-burden report, and which protocol would best support you as you begin your health journey.

This is the ideal opportunity to optimize your immune function! 831.247.7061


Focused Healing

  • 6 week New Foundation package: $649, includes four appointments with off-week check-ins. HTMA included.
  • 12 week Recalibrate package: $997, includes seven appointments with off week check-ins. HTMA included.
  • * all in-person appointments include one, 8 minute vasomotion session
  • remote appointments available 831.247.7061


How do you which supplements are right for you? How do you know if you even need supplements??

Heightened Nutritional Therapy, llc utilizes several methods to discern which nutrients your body is needing and which nutrients your body does not want. Through investigative questioning, functional lingual neural testing , and muscle testing, we are able to create a nutrient protocol that will inform you which supplements will best serve your health and healing.


HTMA – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Minerals serve as co-factors for our metabolic activity. An imbalance or a deficiency of minerals can cause all forms of health maladies.

An HTMA provides a non-invasive, clear picture of your mineral status. Whether our minerals be low/high, or out of balance with other minerals in our body, creating a proper mineral ratio is foundational to our healing.

With an HTMA analysis, you will be provided with a nutritional protocol to help you bring your mineral levels and ratios back into balance and bring your body back to health!

An HTMA analysis is included with all focused healing packages.

If you are interested in having an HTMA analysis ala carte, please contact Heightened Nutritional Therapy, LLC. This service provides you with a nutritional protocol to get your minerals back in balance! – ala carte HTMA service: $229 831.247.7061

“The future is no place to place your better days…..”


Small Group Support

Heightened Nutritional Therapy, LLC hosts in-person and online small group classes. Restart is a five week whole food course that supports a 21 day sugar detox. Discover how a couple hours a week for a few weeks can change your life!

(see link for class information)


select “Download” below to read about making conscious choices instead of reacting to a food situation.


It is within your power to feel your best. Let Heightened Nutritional Therapy, LLC help guide you.


“Minding you mitochondria” – Dr Terry Wahls

Take a moment to see how a doctor’s health returned to vibrancy with a real food diet:


Interested in a free 30 minute consultation? Contact HNT now!

Heightened Nutritional Therapy, LLC

Laura Conley, FNTP, BA, IBD
Serving Camano Island, Stanwood, and surrounding communities. Remote services available!

After years of nagging health issues for herself and one of her children, and no relief or answers found, Laura came across the concept of holistic health and wellness. Intrigued, she registered to train as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner. This would prove to be life-changing for herself and her family. By choosing to make some simple dietary changes and implementing new lifestyle practices, Laura’s health, and the health of her family, started to improve. And though she is still walking her own path of wellness, the journey has proven worthwhile.

In addition to being a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Laura is a wife and mother of three active, healthy children. She loves living in the PNW and all that goes along with it – rain, wind, trees, and water! Laura enjoys yoga, walking her dogs, reading, and preparing nutrient-dense meals for her family.

Laura Conley, BA, FNTP, IBD, is not a physician and Heightened Nutritional Therapy, LLC, is not a medical practice. The information provided by this practitioner is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition and is not to be used as a substitute for the care and guidance of a physician.

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